It’s not just about WHAT we grow — it’s also about HOW we grow it! We’re proud to be organic farmers with a mission to deliver quality products while using sustainable growing practices and supporting the future of farming. At Taylor Brothers Farms, our mission is three-fold.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Every day.

We’re proud to operate by sustainable farming and business practices. From prune pits to engine oil to wooden pallets, nothing goes to waste at Taylor Brothers. We’re committed to recycling as many of our materials as possible. We have also installed solar panels and worm beds in order to reduce our dependence on commercial power as well as our carbon footprint.

Be stewards of the land.

Taking care of our orchards is our first priority, which is why we use compost and cover crops for our fertilizer program. Just as our father taught us, we like to work with nature. We use minor mined elements to minimize water run-off and nitrogen leaching. Cover crops help replace nitrogen in the soil, protecting both the fruit and soil while also helping necessary organisms survive. Each spring, local bees pollinate both the cover crops and the orchards, starting a new cycle of natural growth.

Support young farmers and entrepreneurs.

We believe in the future of farming, which is why we sponsor local educational scholarships and programs that support young people in agriculture.