In 1916, our grandfather started farming the rich soils of California in Sutter County. His son (our father) continued the family tradition with just 90 acres and a variety of fresh fruit, including cherries, peaches, and plums. We helped our father with everything from planting to harvesting to managing the fruit stand, which is where our current office stands today.

In 1974, Richard joined the family business full-time, followed by his younger brother, John. We quickly fell in love with prunes (dried plums) and focused all of our efforts on growing the sweetest, juiciest California prune. 

We started growing organically long before “organic” became a household term. In the late eighties, we felt a growing concern over the use of manufactured chemicals and turned to our dad to find out how they farmed prior to the 60s. Our hunch was confirmed — there was a better way! We started replacing man-made chemicals with compost and cover crops in an effort to grow a healthier product we would be proud to feed our families. We have been growing organic prunes since 1990.

Today, we are the world’s largest organic producer and global distributor of organic prunes and prune products. In addition to being a leading producer and global distributor of superior quality conventional prunes and prune product, Taylor Brothers Farms is fully integrated as a grower, dryer, processor, and exporter of California prunes. 

We are proud to deliver what we think is the best California prune on the market. But we’ll let you be the judge – try our prunes here!