An Amazing, Versatile Food Processing Ingredient

The California dried plum is a smart food processing ingredient for today’s consumers, who are both increasingly demanding and increasingly aware of the numerous health benefits of this new wonder food.

For the producer, dried plums mean:

  • cost control
  • moisture control
  • extended shelf life & safer meat products
  • compatibility with meat flavors
  • yield improvement
  • an alternative to conventional anti-oxidation agents BHA and BHT
  • a more appealing label (reduced ingredients, all-natural status)

For the end-consumer, dried plums incorporated into products translates into:

  • enhanced flavor
  • increased tenderness
  • added fiber
  • low fat
  • reduced fat and calories
  • solid nutritional benefits

Functions, features and added value

No matter how advanced science is, Mother Nature can still teach us a thing or two. The best proof of that is the fact that so-called “simple things” still retain a great deal of mystery. Water, for instance: did you know that we haven’t yet pinned down the exact composition of H2O?

Not surprisingly, in a product like dried plums, hundreds–even thousands–of subtle substances interact, creating a complex whole that offers many functions, features and advantages.

Fresh, moist prunes not only taste better, they retain a higher level of health properties. This has made Taylor Brothers Farms a top choice in the US, and created a very strong client base for us in Japan, a highly discriminating market!


Using a multi-functional ingredient such as Taylor Brothers Farms dried plums for food processing can be a profitable decision. Dried plums can:

This naturally sweet and chewy vanilla-like flavor enhancer also brings with it additional color and texture, and reduces warmed-over flavors.

Not all dried plums are created equal, however. At Taylor Brothers Farms, we grow only high quality, organic and conventional dried plums.

From baking to baby food

Whether used whole, in pieces, in powders or in concentrates, they offer a broad range of food processing applications, helping improve and add value to numerous products and processes such as:

  • meat and poultry items
  • baked foods
  • snacks and energy bars
  • confections, sauces, marinades, rubs, and more

No wonder dried plums are quickly becoming a key ingredient for industrial uses–from baby food to baking applications and processed meat applications!


Longer shelf life, safer products

Research conducted by the Kansas State and Texas A&M University shows that the phenolic composition of dried plums provides antimicrobial action that helps maintain shelf life and make meat and poultry products safer.

Ideal fat substitute

Dried plums are highly compatible with chocolate and other fruits, and they make an ideal fat replacement in baked products.

Added value

Dried plums offer:

  • high fiber
  • sorbitol (a natural, non-fermentable sugar and humectant)
  • high levels of malic acid (a flavor enhancer)
  • a low glycemic index

Plus a variety of vitamins, minerals, soluble dietary fiber, and highly-sought antioxidants!

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