Our Commitment: We take proactive steps to be stewards of our land and help educate our community along the way.




The Environment

We help control the insect population through environmentally friendlybiological insecticides which are dervied from natural materials. We regularly monitor environmental changes to help reduce any potential threats against our orchards. We help to create a safe haven for our feathered friends by providing a duck pond habitat and owl nesting boxes.





In Our Community

 We sponsor educational scholarships including, the Farm Bureau scholarship, the Sutter Buttes Sunrise Rotary Club scholarship, the Yuba City Rotary Club scholarship, the Marysville scholarship, Franklin Elementary School Fund, and the Barry School Garden Fund. We are also strong supporters of the Yuba-Sutter FFA and 4-H club.

Growing The
Natural Way

We use compost and cover crops for our fertilizer program with some minor mined elements to minimize water run-off and nitrogen leaching. Cover crops help necessary organisms survive by replacing nitrogen in the soil, while protecting both the fine fruit and land. Each spring, bees pollinate both the cover crops and the orchards, starting a new cycle of natural growth.





Thinking Sustainable

We recycle many products used at our facilities including: engine oil, batteries, paper, cardboard, metal, ink, plastic bottles, buckets, prune pits, tree prunings, tires, electrical equipment, wooden pallets, plastic bins, etc. We have also installed solar panels in order to reduce our dependence on commercial power, which will help reduce our greenhouse gas footprint.