the qualities that give Taylor Brothers Farms their market edge.


1. A high quality Price ratio

The quality of our products has always been a high priority at Taylor Brothers Farms.

Besides day-to-day customer satisfaction, a good indication of the quality we achieve is the fact that Taylor Brothers Farms is a major supplier of leading baby food producers in the US, Canada and Europe.

At the same time, we run a very lean operation, and we make sure our clients benefit from this.

2. know-how

Since we’ve been in the business for all our lives–just as our father and grandfather–we have developed more than knowledge about the industry: it’s almost an instinct, and we make sure we share our insights with our clients, so that they can also come out ahead.

3. responsiveness

At Taylor Brothers Farms, we pride ourselves on responding to our clients’ specific needs as fast as possible.

Taylor Brothers Farms has the agility to respond quickly to clients’ demands, while maintaining excellent quality control, and assuring the best possible product year after year.

This is possible because we combine the resources of a large operation with the nimbleness of a small one. We have attained just the right size, where we can deliver large quantities, yet still run a very hands-on operation.

4. a sense of continuity

Finally, running a fourth-generation operation gives a sense of continuity. At Taylor Brothers Farms, we naturally tend to see business relationships in a long-term perspective. We believe that working together in the long run generates more win-win opportunities and is more profitable for all.

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