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The Best California-
grown Dried Plums!

We are the world’s largest organic prune grower and processor, and a leading producer and global distributor of prime quality conventional prunes and prune products.

Taylor Brothers Farms is a family business with comprehensive processing facilities in the US and a bonded warehouse and a cutting-edge plant in Poland. We do business throughout North America, and in Europe and Asia.

Naturally sweet...

One thing–among others–that makes our plums special is that we harvest them as late as possible, when their flavor is at its peak and they achieve highest sugar content. As our clients know, you can really taste the difference!

And packed with health nutrients!

We are also proud to help make consumers aware of the many health benefits of prunes, or dried plums: they are packed with antioxidants–among other supernutrients–so we believe they are one of the best health foods available, and that they actually qualify for the superfood category!

P.S. – Check out our great prune recipes!



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May 15, 2009 – Dried Plums Make Healthy, Satiating Snack–Study

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